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The Special Doctor's website provides clinic and home visit appointments with doctors who have registered with us and are ready to provide consultations based on their availability.
There are various specializations available namely : Audiologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Hearing Aid Specialist, Behavioral Therapist, Occupation Therapist and Special Educationist.
You can search for the doctor as per your requirement and according to the location in your State. Go to his online calendar, look for his availability, select the slot, and get a confirmed booking after providing the necessary credentials.
We do not take any charges from the patients for using the app/service. You can pay the consultation fee to your corresponding doctor directly as per their charges.
This platform can assist you in the following ways: Information on medical services, availability, and locating the nearest registered special care providers. Schedule appointments for consultations: Home or Clinic visit
This platform does not provide a video consultation facility. But after booking the appointment, you will receive the concerned Doctor’s details, including his phone number through SMS on your registered mobile number. You can then communicate with your doctor.
It is based on the doctor’s consultation fee. You can pay him directly after booking the appointment.
As you do not pay any charges here, the app/website is not responsible for a refund of the doctor’s consultation fee.
A doctor who has a specialization/training in a specific area of medicine with 4 years of Bachelors and 2 years of Masters in the areas of Audiology, Speech Therapy, etc is known as a specialist doctor. He/she can treat complex health issues that a primary doctor may be unable to.
If your health concern is complex and your physician feels that it needs the attention of a specialized doctor, you will be referred to one. You can also consult a specialist doctor when you need any special care. Or if you are struggling with a condition that is not improving, or you have been diagnosed with a complex chronic condition, and so on.
A specialist doctor is trained to treat complex health conditions which your primary doctor may not be able to. Hence, if you are diagnosed with a complex chronic condition, you should consult a specialist doctor.
It is India’s first platform to provide information about the doctors who take care of special needs. You can find the best doctor near you.
To book an appointment with a specialist doctor, you can select the specialty from the displayed list or type in the name of the specialty. Once you select the specialty, you will be shown a list of doctors and their availability.
Yes, you can cancel the appointment by selecting the suitable reason under Cancellation.
You will need to follow the same procedure as booking a new appointment with Special doctors.
Yes, you can choose the ‘Clinic Visit’ option and find the clinic near you of the special doctor you are looking for.
Yes, you can choose the ‘Home Visit’ option to take a consultation at home. When you choose this option, the special doctor available will visit your home.
To find out if the procedure is covered under your health insurance policy, it would be best to get in touch with your insurance provider. They will be able to provide you with better clarity.