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First time in India- Special Doctors for your Special Needs

Who Are We?

We're an enthusiastic group of healthcare professionals with big plans to improve patient care. As a company, one of our goals is to provide a system whereby people may have access to special care services in an uncomplicated manner. We provide you access to nationwide board-certified specialist doctors. 

Find and connect with your specialized doctor for all your distinctive needs. Whether you have a  hearing loss, speech-language disorder, or trouble accomplishing day-to-day activities, we cover it all. Sign up with Special Doctors to book an appointment with the best doctor for yourself or for your loved ones. Opt for a Clinic visit or Home visit as per your convenience. 

Accessing special doctors made simple

Our Mission

Special doctors are on a mission to build better health for people across India. We make special care accessible at greater convenience, impact, and value, empowering people in all corners of the country with good health. 

Our Vision

To transform the belief that special care is not feasible for everyone. By connecting you to the best doctors who deliver special care, we envision health, happiness, and hope in every individual. 

Our Asset

Since our launch in 2022, we are working with special doctors across the nation. Over time, the platform has seen patients from over 15+ states crucially using the platform for speech therapies, hearing aids, child behavioral therapies, and improvement in life activities.  At Special doctors, we are building a superior way of healthcare experience. 


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This section helps you find experienced doctors across these specialities

A) Audiologist

B) Speech-language pathologist

C) Hearing aids Specialist 

D) Child Behavioral therapist

E) Occupation therapist

D) Special educationalist



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